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I'm a music city producer & DJ from São Paulo, Brazil.

 My interest in music originated from spending a lot of time watching MTV back in the '90s. Amid all the different genres I was exposed to, Metal and Rock, and all their distortion, rhythms, and rebellion were what mainly held my attention. In the early 2000's I started to create songs. 
 My initial influences were São Paulo's nightlife and club scene, which consisted mainly of old-school Techno, Trance, and Euro Dance.
 During my teens, I was often outside with friends and eventually got in touch with underground circles. Assimilation to the rave scene had a major impact on my music.
Creating the project KanuaK and participating in several others, I developed a deep relationship with the dancefloor, carried away by the leading Brazilian underground electronic music at the time: Psy-trance.
 That romance lasted several years while I was in college, and it was during those days that I decided to take music seriously, investing lots of my time in production, so much so that in 2006 I created 5 different
 albums for KanuaK.
I stayed fully immersed in that realm, spending endless hours in the studio, DJing and playing live sets at local private parties and festivals until I moved from São Paulo to Washington, D.C.
 I was producing exclusively Psy-trance, and in America, there was almost no audience for it. I found ways to adapt and my music was reshaped once more. American culture and its myriad influences allowed me to broaden my perspectives and influence the weight of my productions with a newly acquired taste for genres such as Electro and Progressive House, Dubstep, Hip-hop, and more.
I spent 7 years in D.C. where I put Psy-trance and KanuaK on the back burner, focusing on producing mainly house beats under the name Paulo Ventura while DJing regularly at multiple venues. I also got a Master's Degree in Audio Technology at American University in 2016 before I moved to Nashville, where I've gotten more familiar with the Country and Pop scenes, interacting and collaborating with local artists. 
Currently, I curate lineups for events throughout the music city and region, having shared the stage with artists such as Swae Lee, John Summit, Chris Lake, and A-Trak. I'm always looking for ways to spark and expand the Electronic music scene, spending time with artists, DJs and event promoters, brainstorming about how to make music city look into the future without letting go of its community and heritage.
 With songs written by award-winning songwriters such as Karen Leipziger, Lockwood Barr, and Matraca Berg, to date, I have accumulated hundreds of tracks, featuring artists such as Tyler Rayn, Davis Mallory, Ivan Coronel, Notelle, sickish, Nicholas Latiff, and others. With 18 albums, various projects, participation in many compilations, and dozens of international live appearances, I will continue to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of music and expression to exciting and unknown realms.

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